Adsterra Reviews 評論:如何在 Adsterra設置廣告|優點和缺點和評論


In this Adsterra review we’ll show you how an ad network can return you 416% on your ad spend in 10 days (or less) with minimal effort on your part.

Adsterra is a fresh and vibrant ad network that’s been finely tuned to work in step with the latest affiliate offers.

It’s slick, easy-to-use and is the perfect way to reach an eager audience that converts like crazy for all types of offers.

In this Adsterra review, we’re gonna look at how the platform blew up to be the success it is today, along with a brief overview of the key stats and figures, before showing you a step-by-step study of exactly how you can use Adsterra to hit the jackpot.

Sound good?

Cool, let’s get to it!

Verticals, Offers & Ad Formats

  • VPNs
  • Sweepstakes
  • Subscriptions
  • Gaming
  • App Installs
  • Dating
  • Software
  • Binary
  • Addons
  • Antivirus
  • Utility
  • Gambling

Check out the top-performing offers you can run.

Along with Popunder ads, Adsterra also supports:

  • Native Ads
  • Social Bar (which includes In-Page Push, Icon Notifications and custom creatives)
  • Banners (Display)
  • Vast (Video)

Tip: Try out different ad formats for your campaigns to see which perform best for your offers.

Funding Your Account

The minimum deposit value in Adsterra is $100.

Accepted payment methods include Paxum, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay.

You can also make a payment on request by Wire transfer and Capitalist.

You’ll be able to see your payment history and upload any required documents from this page.

Want a Promo Code to help get you started?

Use EB3VXLBN in the payment promo code section for a $50 bonus on your balance.

You will get $50 after depositing $150 on your balance.

Note: this promo code is available until May 31, 2022.


The support you get from Adsterra is pretty awesome.

Not only will they help you tweak your campaigns but they’ll also be able to give you some inside knowledge that will make you

profitable from the start.

The support network includes:

  • Live chat
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Extensive help files and guides

Whether you’re new and just starting out or need help with managing larger volumes, Adsterra is an awesome team to have at your disposal.

Why Adsterra?

Adsterra is a global ad network founded in 2013 by a team of affiliate marketers and webmasters with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

It serves over 1 billion impressions daily. What’s so cool about the ad network, and one of the things that makes it so attractive to affiliates, is the emphasis on CPA marketing campaigns.

When it comes to turning a profit with VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating – along with a ton of other verticals – you’ll find them hard to beat.

They’re also one of the few ad networks that release up-to-date case studies that show exactly how the top affiliates are making bank with the platform.

Bonus tip: You can use these as a blueprint for the best offers, so you’ll spend less time testing the waters on your own.

And, if you like a challenge, you can even get a reward of $200 if your success story is featured on the blog!

This emphasis on affiliate marketing and a transparent approach to business quickly resulted in Adsterra being hailed as one of the best platforms of its kind in the industry.

They take serious measures to detect, prevent, and fight fraud and scams. Each website and campaign is thoroughly inspected before approval through in-house security software, reliable third-party solutions, and a human review.

So let’s jump forward to look at today’s numbers and see how all this translates into real-world stats.

Adsterra by numbers and facts:

  • 30+ billion impressions/month;
  • 248 GEOs covered (Global);
  • 111K+ successful campaigns;
  • 18K+ direct publishers;
  • 12K+ advertisers;
  • 8K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies and ad networks;
  • All the payment models are available: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPL, RTB, RevShare;
  • Various ad formats and payment systems;
  • Easy API integration;
  • Complex multistep system to protect partners from inappropriate traffic;
  • Full targeting inventory including rare ones (i.e. Browser versions, OS versions, Carrier, IP targeting);
  • Retargeting.

Adsterra’s Partner Care Approach

Adsterra is also renowned for an approach that centers around the client. It includes but is not limited to:

  • An intuitive self-serve platform with automated onboarding;
  • 24/7 multilingual live-chat support;
  • Personal insights about the most effective ad format and/or settings;
  • An opportunity to work with a personal manager.

All Adsterra managers complete the company’s unique “Adsterra’s Partner Care Approach” course. They believe: clients are their equal partners, that’s investing into long-term relationships with them matters. They are also trained to help you in any way possible — and are even ready to share creatives that proved to convert in your vertical.

The current functionality of the Self-Service Platform makes it possible to run campaigns without a Manager. Still, anytime you feel like needing one – they are always here to help.

So let’s dive into the details of how to use Adsterra to set up your own campaign using a case study of our own and find out how we made a profit of $715.5 in under 10 days, with a starting budget of just $171.70

Getting Started on Adsterra

First off, you’re gonna need to create a new account.

So head over to Adsterra now and click on the registration link at the top.

Or, if you’d rather read how we did it first and create your account later, that’s fine too.

adsterra signup page

Tip: Use an active messenger account so you can connect with your network account manager. It’s one of the perks of belonging to the network and can speed up the process for you, so you can start making bank right away.

One of the things we love about Adsterra is the elegant simplicity of the signup process.

Right from the confirmation to the welcome email, to creating my first campaign, I always felt I was in safe hands.

This is worth a mention because with Adsterra, it’s not just the messaging that’s good; it’s the entire experience from start to finish.

So let’s get started!

The Welcome Screen

adsterra platform welcome screen

Here you’ll find the onboarding video guides and a simple 3 step method to getting your ads up and running.

Step 1: Choose a payment method and top up your balance;

Step 2: Create a campaign by yourself or with the manager’s help;

Step 3: Set up your conversion tracker.

We’ll be going over each of these steps in more detail later but one of the neat things about the welcome screen can be found in the ‘How to start getting traffic’ section right at the top.

“Why?”, you might ask.

The reason is simple: even though Adsterra is an SSP (self-serve platform) they don’t just take your money and leave you hanging.

You’ll get full support from a personal account manager who will help develop personalized solutions and provide you with expert advice to enhance your campaign performance.

They’ll help you determine which offers and verticals can give you the best results, so make sure you don’t skip this section and get in touch with your account manager right away!

Need more advice on how the SSP works?

Pull the pop-out tab on the browser window once you are logged in and voila! A full step-by-step guide on how to refill your account balance, create, manage and edit campaigns will appear.


You can also open the off-canvas menu which will give you a top-down view of the various sections of the site.

This gives you access from everything to campaign creation, stats, tracking, and settings, so you can navigate through the platform like a pro.

The Offer

For this review, we got ourselves a wonderful SOI sweepstake offer, well-known Amazon.

We will try to work with an offer on Tier-1 GEO — Italy. The offer is quite simple and beaten. Let’s see how it will behave on the Social Bar format and whether I will be able to make a profit in a short period of time.

Offer itself is a small survey of 3 questions, that in the end asks users to enter their data and email, so everything is quite simple.

The only thing that’s alarming at once — the $0.8 payment for SOI registration, which means that users are not very eager to fill in the survey and we can easily flop and flummox.
Screenshot of the final landing:


When dealing with such complicated and exhausted GEOs, don’t forget to verify every single detail with your manager.

Remember that the manager himself benefits if you make money. After checking with the manager on the competitors and the complexity of the GEO, I decided to make preliminary tests on a small budget to make sure that everything works, whether I should attach my prelander or the survey is enough to stop possible bots, etc.

I should warn you beforehand, that very narrow targeting is depriving you from some traffic. Be sure to conduct tests in advance and experiment.


As I said earlier — there was no need for prelander, the survey was quite good at holding back the bot onslaught and I got quite clean conversions for this type of offer.

As for the creatives — it’s worth noting that I had a little trouble with them, because I could not understand what would work best.

But as you know, the answer was always there for me and I did not have to think too much, reinventing the wheel.

Keep in mind that to understand the success or failure of a creative, you need to run preliminary tests (ideally — a couple of times) to finally make sure that everything is working fine and the creatives have a high CTR.

Behold, examples of my creatives that worked well:

(Amazon Prize Raffle! Win a $500 card! Participate)

(Win prizes! Take part in the raffle!)

I advise you not to go overboard with Amazon logos and other mislead, otherwise you risk losing some of your traffic. As I said before, prize boxes and calls to enter prize raffles, etc. are great.

Go for it! 🙂

Creating Your First Campaign on Adsterra

So, instead of simply walking you through the campaign creation process, I’m gonna switch to using a live test offer so you can follow along with exactly how the pros set things up.

But – just before I do that – you’ll see from the image below that you’re gonna need to top up your balance on your account.
It’s up to you if you do this before or after you set things up, but you’ll need to deposit at least the minimum value of $100 before you can start a campaign.

As I’m keen to run through the process with you, I’ll leave the discussion of payment methods until later, but if you wanna go and deposit some funds before returning to read the rest of the article, now’s a good time.

Go ahead and click on the Create Campaign button.

Here’s where the magic happens!

Let’s go through each of the data fields required to set up your campaigns.

General Setup

Campaign name: We entered ‘sweepstakes’ here.

Connection type: You can flick between 3G and Wi-Fi only traffic options. For this offer, we chose ‘All Traffic’ but you may want to choose Wi-Fi only, if your lander has high bandwidth requirements.

Pricing type: Adsterra allows for CPM, CPA, or CPC pricing models. After questioning the manager and preliminary tests, I decided to start driving. From my experience with the format, I chose the CPC with 0.004$/click rate (preliminary tests showed that it is not possible to use minimal rate — all good traffic is stolen by competitors).

Ad unit category: Popunder, Native banner, Social Bar. For this offer, I wanted to test Social Bar format.

Traffic type: Mainstream + Non-Mainstream

Landing URL: It’s recommended to use domains that instill confidence in the user. For example domains like “” tend to have a higher probability of conversion compared to domains such as “” which are typically used by spammers.

Device format: Desktop, mobile, or tablet. The advertiser chose to work with mobile traffic exclusively, as per the recommendations on the offer page. There are tons of useful guides on affiliate marketing strategies for both mobile and desktop traffic which you can read to decide on a strategy. One other reason you might want to separate your traffic sources is so you can stay more targeted in your campaigns.

Countries: The advertiser chose Italy (IT). Adsterra allows you to manually select a country or use bulk input for multiple GEOs.

Budget limit: You can allocate a test budget to see how the campaign performs before dropping a fat stack of cash.

Start: Start immediately after approval, at a scheduled time or keep inactive.

OS: Select which OS you wanna target.

Browser: Any browsers you wanna target.

Browser language: Any specific languages you wanna target. It is especially useful for reaching expats abroad.

Carrier: Target specific network carriers.

Capping & Limits

Frequency capping: Impressions limits per user.

Limits: Budget caps over a time frame.

Advanced Settings

Blacklist: Use blacklists to exclude placements from your campaign.

IP range targeting: Include or exclude a set of IP ranges — helps you target specific regions of countries.

Here’s a screenshot of the preview of how the campaign looked after everything had been set up:

Tip: One neat feature of Adsterra is the Smart Traffic Estimation tool which is available for CPC and CPM pricing models. Use this to find out the approximate volume of impressions/day based on your campaigns’ settings and competitors’ activity.

Tracking Your Links

Setting up your tracking links is the secret to success in any marketing campaign.


Because without accurate and correctly structured tracking links, it’s nearly impossible to stay profitable long term.

Read also: Best Affiliate Trackers

You can think of this as the equivalent of taking a wild stab in the dark about how many miles your car does per gallon or guessing how many marbles are in a jar of each shape, colour and size.

Left unchecked, sooner or later you’re either gonna find yourself stranded out in the middle of nowhere or end up throwing money away unnecessarily.

Tracking helps you stay in control of your campaigns and make smart decisions about how to allocate your resources. And it does this by providing you with detailed analysis of precisely which ad spots and traffic sources are performing the best for you.

Don’t yet have a tracker?

Scoot over to our friends at Voluum and we’ll get you set up with an impressive 25% discount on the best software currently available.

Adsterra has a CPA pricing model – along with CPM, CPC, CPL, CPO, and CPI (PPI) – which you won’t be able to use unless you have your tracker set up beforehand, as you won’t be able to see the conversions required for sending traffic.

So here’s how to set up your tracking in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your postback type – This can be simple postback, simple postback with payout variable or complex postback with currency conversion. The last one is used if you work with currencies other than US dollars.
  2. Choose your tracking system – We recommend using Voluum, the leading ad tracker. However, you can check our list of the best trackers.
  3. Generate postback and set it up on your tracking system.
  4. Test your offer with the built-in tool provided. The conversion subid for Adsterra is ##SUB_ID_SHORT(action)## and this must be included with the link. It is additionally recommended to use ##PLACEMENT_ID## so you can track traffic from different sources.

If you need any help with this contact your account manager at Adsterra who will walk you through the process.

Optimizing Your Campaign

So now that you’ve got the nuts and bolts of your campaign all tightened down, it’s time to tweak the settings to maximize the performance potential.

This is a huge topic for discussion and covers everything from writing killer ad headlines to testing CTA buttons on your landing page.

For this campaign, two key optimization strategies were used.

#1 (Blacklisting and Whitelisting)

The survey is cool for sure. But you should protect yourself from bots in advance, that’s why we create blacklists. Isp’s of large marketplaces and other similar websites are banned immediately, it helps a lot from the flood of bots.

Found a site that’s awesome?

Add it to the whitelist and make a separate campaign, with placements that show themselves well.

This is for your convenience while working after all. Even better, if you are using the feature with custom bids on the selected placements.

#2 (Adding Creatives)

Yes, you’ll have to work hard again. As practice shows, the creatives on sweeps run out of steam very quickly and you’re always having to come up with something new.

I know how hard and exhausting it is, but we’re making money here, right?

Be sure to do different tests and different approaches beforehand, it’s important to understand in advance what creatives work best.

Post Optimization

So how well can you expect your campaign to perform after you’ve made all your tweaks and it’s purring like a finely tuned Lambo?

Well, the truth is this depends on a number of factors.

But, as time goes on, as you gather more data on which verticals and offers perform best with individual traffic sources and ad formats, you’ll grow both in confidence and in earnings.

Check out the Adsterra blog for real-world case studies with delicious ROI that will give you a taste of what’s achievable.

Let’s take a look at the results of the ad campaign we’ve been following up to now:

Traffic: Social Bar by

Offer: Sweepstakes All Traffic

Period: 01.04.2021 – 10.04.2021

GEO: Italy (IT)

Spent: $171.70

Income: $887.20

Profit: $715.5

ROI: 416%

So with minimal testing and optimization, and a test budget of just $171.70, this campaign made a net income of $887.20 for a total profit of $715.5.

I can say that I’m almost not surprised by this outcome. Everything works like a clock, if the plan is set up.

As you can see, such offers on Europe — they are quite working: take ’em, test ’em, it’s all up to you.

Could you optimize this campaign further for even better results?


The point is that Adsterra came through as a profitable traffic source for this sweepstake offer and resulted in a positive profit margin which can only be a good thing.

Finally, sweeps are a fairly simple type of offer.

However, they suffer from the drawback that they can become obsolete way too quickly.

Users quickly lose interest, and so the campaign has to be stopped soon after it was launched.

This makes scaling hard.

Also, don’t forget to think carefully about your pre-landers!

Tip: Ponder before taking complex cc-submit offers, as you probably won’t be able to overtake your competitors and the campaign could slip into negative ROI. Which is bad! Also do not forget to test campaigns, settings and creatives. And be sure to communicate with your manager, they are always helpful and most responsive.

Good luck!

Adsterra Verdict

Adsterra is a great place to start for new affiliate marketers, and the emphasis on affiliate offers and high converting traffic is a winning formula.

Could they be better?

As with all ad networks, the quality of the publishers is essential to turning a profit.

After all, who wants to work with sites that have low traffic volume and an audience that doesn’t resonate with your offers.

That said, Adsterra does a great job of maintaining good quality publishers, but some smaller sites could result in less volume and conversions from some GEOs.


  • Good choice of ad formats;
  • Can run offers with non-mainstream traffic;
  • Great targeting options;
  • Caring customer support;
  • Plenty of funding sources;
  • Worldwide coverage.


  • Some payment methods need documentary confirmation;
  • No demographic targeting yet.

Final Thoughts

Adsterra is a fantastic network for digital marketers who are focused on affiliate offers.

They know the space well and have years of experience in making these types of offers successful.

The SSP is easy to use, and there’s more than adequate support available if you need it.

Plus, with a low minimum deposit (and a $50 boost on your account, if you use our activation code) there’s a very low barrier to entry, even for new affiliates.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the link below to start testing your own campaigns today, and multiply your money by numbers right away!



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大黑手黨代碼 2022:兌換代碼 2022 年 5 月⇓

在這裡,在這篇文章的這一部分,我們將添加 2022 年有效/工作的 The Grand Mafia 代碼。這是完整列表(2022 年 5 月 – 最後更新於 2022 年;新代碼可能會在 2022 年 5 月 22 日左右發布:~ 10: 00 世界標準時間)。 活動代碼狀態: x2

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另見—— 大黑手黨初學者指南

更新:從列表中刪除了過期代碼。 到目前為止,這些是遊戲中唯一有效的代碼歡迎代碼似乎是永久的,而其他代碼通常是有時間限制的; 幾天后他們停止工作。 因此,我們建議每天查看此帖子以獲取新代碼。

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  • 萊托格姆 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 5X Underboss EXP、1 小時加速和 2 杯能量飲料(信用;匿名評論)
  • 喜鵲 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X100 金幣、板條箱和生產提升(信用;Portim 在 2021 年 8 月 13 日的評論中)
  • 8雙8 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 50K 鑽石、X4 手銬和 X2 裝備箱兌換券(Diabolico 在 2021 年 8 月 7 日的評論中分享了此代碼)
  • 艾森 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X100 金幣、X1 雪人惡作劇、X1 小時加速和 100 VIP 積分(Eisessen 在評論中)
  • 霸權 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X 裝備箱兌換券 x2、1 小時投資加速 x1 和 25% 裝甲生產提升 x1(有效期至 2021 年 8 月 1 日)
  • 珠寶1包 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X Faction Task Rester x2、50K Cargo x1、50K Metal x1 和 100 VIP Points x1(有效期至 2021 年 7 月 25 日)
  • Juil1et4 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X 200 金幣 x1、家庭建築材料兌換券 x5、煙花 x3 和 1 小時加速 x1(有效期至 2021 年 7 月 18 日)(新)
  • indday21 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X200 金幣,其他物品(Credit;C4SSC 於 2021 年 7 月 3 日評論)
  • 絞肉機 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X1 耐力飲料、X1 能量飲料和 25% 鑽石生產提升(信用;西蒙在 2021 年 6 月 28 日的評論中)
  • 音樂621 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X50K 鑽石、X1 20% 乘員攻擊力提升和 X2 裝備箱兌換券(Credit; MJK 在 2021 年 6 月 21 日的評論中)
  • 1粽子4 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X5 Handcuffs、X2 5K Underboss EXP、X1 25% Metal Production Boost 和 X1 5K Training Expander(Credit; MJK 在 2021 年 6 月 14 日的評論中)
  • RUSDAY12 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 x300 Enforcer EXP x5、25% Arms Production Boost x1、Family Building Material Redemption Coupon X5(Credit; Simon in comments,有效期至 2021 年 6 月 13 日)
  • 5Pfinstern23 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 x1 耐力飲料、x2 15 分鐘投資加速和 x1 煙花(有效期至 2021 年 5 月 31 日)
  • 約尼特 – 布列塔尼,蘭迪在 2021 年 5 月 25 日的評論中分享了此代碼。
  • 翡翠666 – x1 Narc Dealer Crate, x1 25% Cash Production Boost and x10 Shackle(Credit: Simon in comments)
  • 新搖滾明星 :兌換此代碼並獲得 X 獎勵(信用;西蒙在評論中)
  • 母親節 :兌換此代碼並獲得 X1 1 小時加速、X100 VIP 積分和 X1 能量飲料(Credit: Simon in comments)
  • 五月一日 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X100 VIP 積分、x1 25% 現金生產提升、X1 能量飲料(Credit: Harry in comments)
  • 秘密777 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X1 ArchitectsCrate、X1 15Min Speed Up 和 X20 Min Investment Speed Up
  • 黑手黨 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X100 金幣、X1 小時加速和 X10 手銬(已過期)
  • 東方1號 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X15 Minute SpeedUp、X200 Gold、X1 能量飲料(Credit: Simon and Mike in comments)
  • 秦塔慶 – 兌換此代碼並獲得獎勵(信用;評論中的邁克)
  • 州長戰爭 – 兌換此代碼並獲得獎勵(信用;西蒙在評論中,代碼於 2021 年 4 月 3 日到期)
  • 初學者 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X5 酒、X5 手銬、X5 鐐銬和 X100 金幣(已到期 信用:評論中的邁克)
  • 春天3 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X1 30M 加速、X10 家庭建材兌換券和設備箱兌換券(信用:西蒙評論)(更新:過期)
  • tgmru1 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 X1 小時加速、150K 貨物、100 VIP 積分、150K 現金和 200 金幣(信用:評論中的西蒙)(更新:過期)
  • 兩天一夜 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 100 金幣、300 執行者經驗和 1 小時投資加速(信用;西蒙在評論中)。 代碼有效期:2021 年 3 月 14 日。
  • 暴風雪no1 – 在 2021 年 3 月 7 日之前兌換此代碼(信用:評論中的西蒙)
  • 元20xiao21 – 兌換此代碼並獲得 50K 貨物,15m 加速(Credit: Mike in comments)
  • 古騰塔格 – 兌換此代碼並獲得獎勵(更新:過期)
  • 情人節 – 此代碼有效期至 2021 年 2 月 19 日。
  • 野雞 – Mike 在評論中分享了這段代碼(更新:過期)
  • 你好 – Mike 在評論中分享了這段代碼(更新:過期)
  • 殺手皇后 – LongIslandT 在評論中分享了此代碼(更新:已過期)
  • 狂戰士 – 有人在評論中分享了此代碼(更新:已過期)
  • zufluchtsort – 有人在評論中分享了此代碼(更新:已過期)
  • 鑽石 – 有人在評論中分享了此代碼(更新:已過期)

另見—— 大黑手黨初學者指南

大黑手黨守則 2022 常見問題解答⇓

以下 The Grand Mafia 代碼常見問題解答介紹瞭如何兌換這些代碼以及如何獲得更多這些代碼。


完成教程後即可領取 Grand Mafia 代碼。 如果您已經這樣做了,請按照以下步驟操作; 轉到豪宅/主屏幕。 看到左上角的underboss頭像了嗎? 點擊它。 在該頁面上,查找設置按鈕。 點擊它。 在設置頁面上,查找兌換碼按鈕。 點擊它。 輸入有效代碼。 然後點擊兌換按鈕領取獎勵。 如果輸入的兌換碼有效,您應該在同一地點獲得獎勵。

另見—— 大黑手黨初學者指南


更多新的 The Grand Mafia 禮物代碼發佈在遊戲的官方社交媒體句柄上,如 Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、Reddit 和遊戲的官方 Discord。 通常,遊戲開發者會在遊戲里程碑、流行場合、合作和特殊事件等特殊事件上發布禮物代碼。 一旦可用,我們將使用所有新的兌換代碼更新此禮品代碼列表。 您可以將此頁面添加為書籤,並定期檢查新代碼。


The Grand Mafia 是一款在移動端擁有 MMORTS 體驗的豪宅建造遊戲。 多虧了基礎建設機制——你將需要大量資源。 在代碼的幫助下,您可以獲得各種可以幫助您在遊戲中快速進步的物品。 例如,兌換代碼通常會提供加速、VIP 積分和資源。 基本上所有最常用的項目。 你不會拒絕這些免費贈品,對吧? 查看上面的 The Grand Mafia Redemption 代碼以獲得免費贈品。

這就是我們在 The Grand Mafia Codes 2022 上的這篇文章中得到的全部內容。有任何未在此處列出的作弊碼或兌換碼嗎? 請在評論中分享。

你喜歡玩手機遊戲嗎? 訂閱我們的 YouTube 頻道 – 遊戲靈魂 用於新的手機遊戲視頻。 如需更多更新, 遊戲新聞, 遊戲指南, 新遊戲發布和警報 – 在 Facebook 上像我們一樣 – 遊戲靈魂, 在推特上關注我們 – 遊戲靈魂. 查看 – 最好的手機遊戲. 你有什麼建議嗎? 在這裡提交





1.美國存股推薦名單:Coca-Cola 可口可樂

  • 公司名稱:The Coca-Cola Company
  • 常見名稱:Coca-Cola、可口可樂
  • 美股代號:KO
  • 年殖利率:1%~4%
  • 股利發放頻率:季配息
  • 股息增長年數:60







👉相關文章:【現金殖利率】4 大撇步教你用現金殖利率選到好股,年年賺股利!

2.美國存股推薦名單:PepsiCo 百事可樂

  • 公司名稱:PepsiCo, Inc.
  • 常見名稱:Pepsi、百事可樂
  • 美股代號:PEP
  • 年殖利率:1%~4%
  • 股利發放頻率:季配息
  • 股息增長年數:50






3.美國存股推薦名單:Colgate-Palmolive 高露潔

  • 公司名稱:Colgate-Palmolive Company
  • 常見名稱:高露潔
  • 美股代號:CL
  • 年殖利率:1%~3%
  • 股利發放頻率:季配息
  • 股息增長年數:58





4.美國存股推薦名單:Consolidated Edison 聯合愛迪生

  • 公司名稱:Consolidated Edison Company
  • 常見名稱:聯合愛迪生
  • 美股代號:ED
  • 年殖利率:3%~6%
  • 股利發放頻率:季配息
  • 股息增長年數:47




5.美國存股推薦名單:Johnson & Johnson 嬌生

  • 常見名稱:嬌生
  • 美股代號:JNJ
  • 年殖利率:1%~4%
  • 股利發放頻率:季配息
  • 股息增長年數:60






[Hot CPM and Revenue Boost] How to Monetize a Website with Social Bar

[Hot CPM and Revenue Boost] 如何通過社交欄通過網站獲利

Daily Earning 每日獲利收益(2021.11.19~20)

Neobux 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷 (關於酒類) ,收益 $ 1.01 美元

Neobux 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於惠而浦店器) ,收益 $ 1.01 美元

Rakuten Insight 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於) ,收益 $ 元

Rakuten Insight 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於) ,收益 $ 元

Rakuten Insight 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於) ,收益 $ 元

Neobux 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於Volvo 汽車好感度) ,收益 $ 美元

Valued Opinions 點眾 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(同一份酒類問卷又來了 ) ,收益 $ 元

ySense 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於保時捷) ,收益 $ 美元

ySense 填問卷賺錢 , 今天的問卷(關於運動賽事,有點長的問卷) ,收益只有 $ 美元

Cointiply 免費衝浪比特幣問卷 , 今天的問卷(關於有沒有從金邊國際機場出入 , 當然我是沒有啦) , 收益 $ 美元

Rakuten Insight 填問卷賺錢調查 可以從 Google Play 商店下載 Android 版本的手機 App 囉!


Neobux 填問卷賺錢 , 是僅次於ySense 填問卷賺錢好賺的平台,除了填問卷外還能每天點擊廣告/玩遊戲/作任務賺錢




2.問卷前提,詢問你是否最近幾個月有購買電器 ,建議要有部分電器勾選1年內/3個月/6個月

3.答題技巧 : 問卷題項非常多 , 隨便選擇幾項快速填答

【2022 美股期貨】AMP Futures 美國股市期貨商評論

AMP Futures Broker

Futures Broker 美國股市期貨經紀商 AMP Futures 是我長期以來唯二交易美股期貨Futures/美股期權Options 的選擇

另外其中一家則是 Deepdiscounttrading

當初一開始交易美股期貨時是開戶在 Interactive Brokers (IB 盈透),交易一陣子後才發現這2家提供的條件更好,雖然規模沒IB那麼大,但能提供更低的交易手續費和當沖保證金就是最佳的選擇

AMP Futures・簡介Summary

AMP Futures 是一家總部位於美國的期貨經紀商,提供了超過 60 多個交易平台。


另外 , AMP 在歐盟還有一個法人實體,稱為 AMP Global(歐洲),提供差價合約、外彙和期貨交易。

我也使用 AMP Futures 超過5年以上了 ,而且其財務信息是公開的,並且受頂級金融機構 CFTC 的監管 ,所以在交易上是安全的 。

AMP Futures 期貨主要特點和優勢

AMP Futures 的期貨交易手續費很低,並且沒有帳戶閒置費用。(IB 盈透帳戶就有這筆費用)

AMP Futures 交易平台(軟體)及其股市研究工具相當棒,可以滿足經驗豐富的交易者需求。另外還有提供許多高質量的教育材料,包括影片視頻和文章。(包括研究工具的使用教學和交易平台軟體的使用教學)

最低入金僅需要 : $ 100 美金 (這也是我當初還是剛入門新手時可以接受的小額入金)

AMP Futures 費用

  • 低交易手續費用
  • 無帳戶閒置費
  • 無押金
  • 超低當沖保證金(最低僅需保證金10%) – 國內通常只有50%

AMP Futures 開戶

AMP Futures 提供3種帳戶類型

AMP Futures 賬戶類型

  • 個人 – 帳戶歸個人所有
  • 聯名賬戶由兩個或更多個人擁有
  • 公司/有限責任公司/合夥企業賬戶歸法人所有
AMP Futures 如何開戶

AMP Futures 開戶流程跟開戶所有其他國外券商/外匯/期貨都是大同小異的。

AMP Futures 期貨賬戶申請包括以下步驟:

  1. 選擇賬戶類型並接受風險披露聲明。
  2. 輸入個人信息,包括您的姓名、居住國和電子郵件;還要選擇用戶名和密碼。
  3. 添加更多個人信息,例如您的電話號碼、出生日期、地址等。
  4. 回答一些關於您的財務狀況的問題,例如淨收入或淨資產。
  5. 填寫一份關於您的投資經驗的調查。
  6. 接受披露聲明。
  7. 上傳身份證明和居住證明:
  8. 完成所有這些步驟後,你將收到一封包含你的帳戶和匯款資訊的確認電子郵件。

延伸閱讀 : 開戶你可以參考 【2021 AMP Futures 介紹&開戶流程完整全攻略(含圖解)】/【美國(海)外期貨開戶操作交易】

AMP Futures 入金存款

AMP Futures 入金存款可接受10種貨幣



AMP Futures不收取任何存款費用。國際轉賬匯款,請自行找到較便宜的銀行作轉匯。

美國居民或你有美國銀行帳戶則可以使用支票和 ACH 存款。(【獨家】【國外期貨交易開戶】【外匯幣操作】/【AMP Futures】【入金流程說明】)

AMP Futures 出金提款費用

AMP 期貨電匯提款費用為30 美元 , 還要再加中間銀行和本地銀行可能收取的費用約10~20美元左右。美國客戶也可以使用 ACH 和支票。ACH 提款是免費的。通常我都是用ACH轉到我的美國銀行帳戶 , 比較慢 , 但不用手續費 。

延伸閱讀 : 【國外期貨交易開戶】【外匯幣操作】/【AMP Futures】【出金流程】

AMP Futures 交易平台軟體

AMP Futures 提供超過 60 +多個交易平台軟體可以選擇 , 適用Web版/手機/平板/MAC 。

有些還提供免費模擬交易帳戶可以使用 , 當你開戶 AMP Futures 帳戶就可以申請使用免費7天/免費14天 。

大部份交易平台會收取費用 ,月費或是按交易手數計算 , 交易量大甚至可以有優惠費用 。

AMP Futures 交易選項


AMP Futures 可交易以下交易所的期貨期權

  • CME – 芝加哥商品交易所
  • COMEX – 商品交易所公司。
  • 洲際交易所ICE歐洲期貨(IPE)
  • 紐約商品交易所
  • 歐洲期貨交易所
  • 新加坡交易所
  • 悉尼期貨交易所 (ASX SFE)
  • 香港期貨交易所 (HKEX)
  • 迷你日經 225 – 日本大阪 (JPX)
  • 芝加哥期權交易所波動率指數 (VX) – “VIX”

AMP Futures 研究工具(Research)

AMP Futures 提供了一個很棒的圖表工具,其中包含許多指標,以及其他先進的分析和技術工具,例如回溯測試。

延伸閱讀 : 海外期貨交易AMP Futures —- 下單交易平台篩選器(Trading Platform Selector Tool)


AMP Futures 提供出色且先進的圖表工具 , 你可以免費使用這些技術指標和設置選項 , 有多種圖表類型,包括分鐘、刻度、點等。


另外你還可以找到許多其他技術工具,包括出色的回測工具 , 以及可設置時間範圍、工具和頭寸管理參數等。

此外,還可以選擇使用名為 PoweLanguage.NET 的程序編寫自己的交易程式。

AMP Futures 客戶服務

可以通過以下方式聯繫 AMP Futures:

  • 在線聊天
  • 電話
  • 電子郵件
  • 支持論壇

以我的經驗 , 通常有問題我都是用線上聊天的方式 , 因為美股開盤時他們也是白天上班日 。

另外 ,在多年前我開完戶要使用交易軟體的時候由於不太會設定 , 他們還遠端連線到我的電腦直接幫我設定好所有參數 。

AMP Futures 教育

AMP Futures 提供很多很棒的教育材料 , YouTube 頻道上有一系列教學視頻庫,以及很棒的文章內容。

在AMP Futures,可以通過以下方式學習:

  • 模擬賬戶
  • 平台教程視頻
  • 一般教育視頻
  • 網絡研討會
  • 優質教育文章

AMP Futures 安全

我交易那麼多年了 , 從未發生過任何問題 。

AMP Futures 受美國全國期貨協會(NFA) 和商品期貨交易委員會(CFTC)監管



雖然在台灣可以透過複委託方式交易美股期權期貨,但相對於在美國本土美股券商 、 美股經紀商所提供的交易手續費 、 數據資源 、 交易速度等等 , 是國內券商無法可比 。

然而 , 錢匯至國外,最怕的就是公司發生倒閉 , 所以公司( 美股券商/美股經紀商)的財務安全是很重要的一點 。

但選擇海外經紀商/券商,也不光是只看財務安全 , 其他如 : 可交易商品種類、服務品質、交易融資或交易槓桿、交易手續費…等等也是選擇的重點 , 不過了解公司的財務安全會有利於你的資金的配置 。

例如,財務安全性高的公司,你的投資資金則可多放一些 , 但財務安全性較低的公司,但若其提供的交易融資或交易槓桿程度夠高的話,也可考慮放少量資金 , 若真發生倒閉時,也不至於損失慘重 。


(a)IB (盈透證券)


(c)IRONBEAM (DDT/Deepdiscounttrading))











一、超額淨資金(Excess Net Capital)
                                                  IB: 5,009,243,695
                                               AMP:       3,598,038
                                      IRONBEAM:       4,439,291
                               APEX CLEARING:   123,323,906
            CHARLES SCHWAB FUTURES:     63,016,771
            TRADESTATION SECURITIES:   119,725,794
                     GAIN CAPITAL GROUP:     22,377,844
                    WEDBUSH SECURITIES:   174,739,010
                              PHILLIP CAPITAL:    19,024,777

二、客戶資產(Customers’ Assets in Seg)
                                                  IB: 4,145,724,266
                                               AMP:     54,703,137
                                      IRONBEAM:     58,493,974
                               APEX CLEARING:     36,512,940
             CHARLES SCHWAB FUTURES:    127,899,851
             TRADESTATION SECURITIES:    566,942,403
                      GAIN CAPITAL GROUP:    227,279,648
                     WEDBUSH SECURITIES: 1,092,799,620
                                PHILLIP CAPITAL:    367,391,217

                                                   IB: 1.208
                                                AMP: 0.066
                                           IRONBEAM: 0.076
                               APEX CLEARING: 3.377
             CHARLES SCHWAB FUTURES: 0.492
                       GAIN CAPITAL GROUP: 0.098
                      WEDBUSH SECURITIES: 0.159
                               PHILLIP CAPITAL: 0.051

格式為:[安全係數 / 客戶資產(單位百萬)] 公司名稱
  (1) [3.377 /     36M]     APEX CLEARING (FIRSTRADE)
  (2) [1.208 / 4,145M] IB (盈透證券)
  (3) [0.492 /    127M]  CHARLES SCHWAB FUTURES (嘉信理財)
  (4) [0.429 /    250M]  TD AMERITRADE FUTURES & FOREX (德美利)
  (5) [0.211 /    566M]  TRADESTATION SECURITIES
  (6) [0.159 / 1,092M]  WEDBUSH SECURITIES
  (7) [0.098 /    227M]  GAIN CAPITAL GROUP (嘉盛)
  (8) [0.076 /      58M]  IRONBEAM (DDT)
  (9) [0.066 /      54M]  AMP
(10) [0.051 /     367M]  PHILLIP CAPITAL

由以上的資料可解讀出(美股券商 FIRSTRADE 第一證券) 的安全係數最高,但客戶資產規模卻是最小的


IB(盈透證券)的安全係數排第二,且值超過1,而且客戶資產規模最大 , 表示該公司所賺的錢應該算蠻多的,要養活自己肯定不成問題

至於 CHARLES SCHWAB FUTURES (嘉信理財)的安全係數排第三,且值接近0.5,客戶資產規模普通

TD AMERITRADE FUTURES & FOREX (德美利)的安全係數排第四,且值接近0.5,客戶資產規模普通

綜合判斷,IB盈透證券可以算是財務最安全的 , 而嘉信理財、TDA的財務安全也不錯 , 可以安心放較多的資金在這幾間


AMP與 IRONBEAM(DDT)雖然財務安全排名幾乎都吊車尾 , 但卻都提供超高槓桿的當沖機制(當沖保證金最低可以到原始保證金10%),所以也是有其吸引人的競爭優勢 , 有利於只放少量資金,以降低倒閉時損失的資金比例 , 不過需要勤勞一點,記得搬運調整資金,但交易量夠大,低交易手續費的價差仍可抵銷資金搬運成本 。

另外 , 也可順便利用這兩家所提供高CP值的 CQG/Rithmic數據源 。

順帶一提 , AMP出金成本至國內或跨國都是$30;DDT出金成本至國內$40、跨國$60

數據源費用 , AMP的Top-of-Book(僅一檔最佳買賣價) CME bundle數據費用,CQG與Rithmic都是$5有找





 安全係數 = 多餘現金 / 客戶資產
 重要性:安全係數 > 多餘現金 > 客戶資產


【2018 如何賺取千萬財富】富翁們跟你想的不一樣!必讀這十四個富者恆富的祕訣


成為千萬富翁的最大價值不在於這千萬的財富,而在於一個透過賺取千萬財富的過程使自己成為了一個更加傑出的人。                                                                                                      —商業哲學家 Jim Rohn


那麼問題來了:為了成為你想成為的人, 為了變成讓外人艷羨的千萬富翁,具體該怎麼做呢?
(一)將你收入中的至少 10% 用於自我投資
到自我提升,將自己收入的 10% 用於自我投資將會為你帶來 100 倍甚至更高的回報。你在自己的教育、技能提升和人際關係改善上投入的每一分錢,將來都會為你帶來百倍的回報。
我自己就曾花 3000 美元請一位非常成功的作家指導我寫我的第一個出版計劃。那 3000 美元讓我得到了他 4-5 個小時的指導時間。但在那 4-5 個小時裡,他教會我要要寫一份出色的出版計劃都需要了解哪些東西。他給我提供了一些相關資源,這些資源大大加強和加快我的寫作進度。在他的幫助下,我還找到了一位出版代理人,並最終搞定了高達數十萬美元的出版合約。
如果我當時捨不得花那 3000 美元,我相信我到今天都無法完成那份出版計劃的寫作,即使完成了,相信也是一份非常糟糕的出版計劃。如果不付費獲得指導,我也不會那麼有動力,也會一再拖延完成寫作所需要做的一些事情。
(二)將你至少 80%的業餘時間用於學習
娛樂固然很好,但只有將娛樂用於人際關係改善或個人的投資上才會有價值。那麼如何判斷一項娛樂是不是一種投資呢?這要看它 能否在未來為你帶來持續的回報 ,這種回報可能是美好的回憶、人際關係的加深等。
「年輕的時候,要為了學習而工作,而不是為了賺錢而工作。」——《窮爸爸富爸爸》作者 Robert Kiyosaki
你只應該將 20% 的精力用於做那些實質性的工作上面,其它時間和精力都應該用在學習、自我提升和休息上。因為只有透過不斷磨練學習和提升自己,你才能持續成為更好、更有能力的人。當你將大部分時間都用於成為更優秀的思考者、溝通者,同時在你所從事的工作方面更加專業時,你的工作質量自然會隨著提升。最終,你將能夠為你的工作開更高的價錢,因為沒人比你做得更好。
當你將學習的優先順序排得更高的時候,在你真正工作的時候,你就會更加專注與高效,不像其他很多人一樣在工作的時候容易分心。要嘛 100%的專注投入,要嘛徹底放鬆休息。這樣一來,真正在工作的時候,你在幾個小時內的工作產出會比其他人在幾天時間的工作產出還要大。
當你學習一項知識的時候,你應該從所學到的知識中獲得回報。 但對於很多人而言,讀書的目的就是為了告訴別人自己讀了多少本書。 如果你沒有將你學到的知識應用到事件中,那麼你就是在消耗和浪費時間。
(五)將你至少 10% 的收入用於投資,讓錢生錢
思考收入時,最好只將工作收入算成收入的一部分。首先你透過工作賺取收入,然後利用一些投資理財工具將收入變成更多的錢。所以,從今天開始,就為自己選擇一個投資工具或投資工具組合,將你至少 10%的收入投入進去,最終你將能從中獲得越來越多的利潤。如果長時間這樣做,你就會為投資給自己帶來的回報所驚嘆。這時,和大部分高收入人群不同,因為只要你想,你可以隨時選擇停止工作,因為你的錢正在為你賺取更多的錢,而這些錢能確保你過比較舒適的生活。
「這個世界會給予給予者更多,也會向索取者索取更多。」——Joe Polish
人際關係就好比是一個銀行帳戶,如果一個人一直從帳戶裡取錢、而另一個人一直往裡存錢的話,最終這段人際關係只會惡化。在這種人際關係裡, 1+1 所產生的效果是小於 2 的。
相反,在一段協同而健康的人機關係裡, 1+1 是遠大於 2 的。在一段人際關係裡,如果兩個人都能持續給予和獲取,這麼這個銀行賬戶裡的錢將會持續增長擴充。
(八)建立雙贏的戰略夥伴關係,從而達成 10倍甚至百倍的目標
「所有失敗的公司都是相似的,他們都沒有逃脫市場競爭的命運。」—— Peter Thiel
當你和其他人合作的時候,1+1 的結果遠大於 2 的。只有那些參與過合作的人才能真正體會到什麼叫真正的改變,那些只會自己獨立做自己工作的人只會在自己的小世界中越陷越深。
審視一下你目前的目標。為什麼那是你的目標?認真地想一下,如果你將目標提高的現在的 10 倍,又會發生什麼呢?例如,你現在每個月賺 30000 台幣,如果你將目標提高到每個月賺 300000 台幣,這是不是有可能呢?這當然是有可能的,而且很多人正在這樣做。你和這些人的唯一區別就自傲與教育、人際關係和戰略上的區別。
當你將目標提高至目前的 10 倍的時候,你就需要對你的日常行為有完全不同的思考。你需要更加嚴肅地對待生活中的方方面面,也需要徹底摒棄之前的侷限性思維。
我敢肯定,制定一個 10 倍於現在的目標將會是你為自己做過的最有用的事。這個目標應該 在你處於最佳狀態的時候制定 。當你做一些有成就感的事時會讓自己達到
如果你的思維和行為模式和現在保持不變的話,你將永遠無法實現 10 倍於現在的目標。當你考慮目標的同時,你還需要知道具體需要做哪些事情才能實現它。如何才能實現你制定的 10 倍目標呢?為此,對於你正在做的工作要更加大膽,你需要創造更多,失敗更多,一遍又一遍。 量變是通往質變最快的路徑。
此外,當你考慮你那 10 倍於現在的目標時,你可能會出現一些讓自己感到恐懼的想法。當你做讓你為之恐懼的工作時,你需要越過心理這道坎,大部分人都沒能越過這道坎。 讓你感到恐懼的工作通常是有更高收益、更高價值的工作。
Strategic Coach 戰略指導的創立者 Dan Sullivan 說過,世界上有兩種人,一種是相信「時間與精力經濟」的人,一種的相信「結果經濟」的人。
最好的方法是對你要完成的工作進行分批處理,在一個合適的地方高效完成一批類似的工作。舉個例子,當我寫博士論文的時候,我會選擇在安靜的圖書館寫作,因為在那裡我不會分心。圖書館的環境也能夠激發我進行更高效地創作,因為我知道我會在那裡寫上一天,所以能寫出更多東西。一口氣寫 2-5 篇文章要比一次只嘗試寫一篇文章要容易得多。做其它工作也是同樣的道理。
所有的成功人士和成功的品牌都有一個屬於自己的明確的「WHY」。正如勵志演說家 Simon Sinek 在《Start With Why》這本書中所說的那樣:「人們不在意你賣的是什麼,而在意為什麼而賣。」
蘋果在這方面做得非常好。在蘋果的所有營銷中,他們不解釋自己產品中的那些技術細節, 而是 定義和分享他們的核心價值 。他們堅信技術應該能同時做到既酷又好用。
如果你想變得令人信服和有趣,你必須要有信仰,同時要有明確的立場。 你所堅定的立場會成為你的品牌,讓你與其他人區別開來。
當你有明確的立場和品牌時,你就能脫穎而出。你不再是中立的,你信仰一樣東西,並為此奮鬥而改變。最終,人們會因此愛你或討厭你。而這正是你所期望的。財富存在於小眾市場。你的小眾市場就是你的觀眾。 總有一群認同你的你的立場和信仰的人,他們是你的佈道者。
如果你想取悅每一個人,那麼你所傳遞的訊息、營銷策略和產品都將非常糟糕。因為沒有明確的「WHY」,你也將泯然於眾人中,你的工作成果也不會脫穎而出。只有那些有堅定立場的人才真正擅長推銷,因為他們知道,HOW 和 WHAT、WHY 一樣重要。
上面說的 14 件事你都在做嗎?
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