Enhancing Cats Blender Plugin: Comprehensive Troubleshooting and Problem-solving Guide

cats blender

“CATS Blender Plugin: Powering 3D Modelling, Animation and Game Development in the Blender Ecosystem CATS Blender Plugin”, a robust tool meticulously designed for the Blender software ecosystem. This plugin is meticulously designed to handle the intricacies of 3D model manipulation, with a focus on character models, allowing for seamless animation and game development.

The “CATS Blender Plugin” offers a versatile range of functionalities, allowing users to seamlessly import 3D models of various formats into the Blender environment. From streamlining complex structures to refining skeletal frameworks and weight distributions, this plugin gives creators the ability to delve into animation production and undertake transformative endeavours. For professionals immersed in character modelling and game development, this tool is indispensable. In this article, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted capabilities of the “CATS Blender Plugin”. From addressing common issues to delving into advanced troubleshooting methodologies, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to unlock the full potential of this plugin.

Whether you are a seasoned 3D virtuoso or an aspiring game developer, this article is your ultimate resource for unlocking the power of the CATS Blender Plugin. Unleash the power of the CATS Blender Plugin” to take your 3D modelling, animation and game development projects to new heights.

Converting MMD Models to FBX Using the CATS Blender Plugin and Importing to UnityIn the realm of game development, the task of transferring various models from one software to another is a common undertaking. This article provides a guide on how to utilize the CATS Blender Plugin in Blender to convert MMD (MikuMikuDance) models to the FBX format and subsequently import them into the Unity engine for further development and utilization.

Step 1: Downloading the CATS Plugin and MMD ModelsFirstly, you need to download the CATS Plugin and the MMD model you wish to convert. You can find the CATS Plugin at the following link: https://github.com/absolute-quantum/cats-blender-plugin. Make sure to download a version of the plugin that is compatible with your version of Blender.Similarly, you’ll need to acquire the MMD model. “Moziwu” (https://www.aplaybox.com/) is a common resource site where you can find many officially released models. In this article, we’ll be using a model from “San Qī” as an example.

Step 2: Converting MMD Models to FBX

  1. Open Blender and import the CATS Plugin.
  2. Select the CATS option and click “Import Model.” Choose the downloaded MMD model file (.pmx format).
  3. After import, choose the “Shading” option and wait for the colored preview of the model to render.
  4. Switch to the Modeling workspace, select all options under “Translate,” then click “Separate by Material.”
  5. Finally, click “Fix Model” to perform model fixes and ensure correct material assignment.

Once these steps are completed, your MMD model is ready to be exported in the FBX format.Step 3: Importing to the Unity Engine

  1. Place the exported FBX file and associated textures into a folder for ease of import into Unity.
  2. Open Unity and drag the folder into your project’s assets.
  3. You can directly drag the FBX file into the scene, but due to shader settings, the model might appear unusual. As a workaround, you can initially simulate it using the “unlit texture” shader.
  4. If you intend to achieve a two-dimensional effect, you can utilize the “ExtractMaterials” feature to extract materials.
  5. Create a “Materials” folder and create new materials for the extracted ones, selecting “unlit/Texture” as the shader.

By following these steps, you’ve successfully converted an MMD model from Blender to the FBX format and imported it into the Unity engine. Please note that different models and scenes might require adjustments to fit your specific project’s needs. This article aims to assist you in easing the process of model conversion and game development.

Cats Blender Plugin (0.19.0)

Cats Blender Plugin (0.19.0). A tool designed to shorten steps needed to import and optimize models into VRChat. Compatible models are: MMD, XNALara, …

The blender cats plug-in isn’t working for blender 3.5 and I …

Personally I’ve been downloading eg blender-3.2.2-windows-x64.zip and extracting to a directory. Their discord suggests downloading the …

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Cats Blender Plugin

A tool designed to shorten steps needed to import and optimize models into VRChat. Compatible models are: MMD, XNALara, Mixamo, Source Engine, Unreal Engine …

GiveMeAllYourCats | creating Cats Blender Plugin

GiveMeAllYourCats. 25 members; 2 posts; $157.3/month. creating Cats Blender Plugin. Become a patron. Home · About. Choose your membership. Recommended.

Unlocking Efficiency: Mastering Plank Making in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

plank make osrs

“Runescape” is a highly popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game is developed and published by the British company Jagex. The game’s world is a fantasy realm called Gielinor, where players can explore various regions, undertake quests, battle monsters, and interact with other players.”Runescape” was initially released in 2001 and has undergone numerous updates and improvements.

The game is known for its openness, freedom, and diverse gameplay options, allowing players to develop their characters through a variety of skills and activities. Skills in the game range from combat skills (such as melee and ranged combat) to non-combat skills (such as gathering, crafting, and cooking).In the game, players can collaborate with others, team up for quests and challenges, or engage in various activities like player-vs-player (PvP) combat and player-vs-environment (PvE) activities.

Additionally, the game features an economic system where players can trade items and earn in-game currency.Due to its unique gameplay style and continuous updates, “Runescape” has maintained a strong player community over the past decades. The game has also released different versions, including the older version of “Runescape” and the updated “Runescape 3”. Furthermore, the game has been launched on mobile platforms and various devices, allowing players to enjoy it across a range of devices.

Crafting Stools in Plan Make Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Here is the information regarding how to craft a stool in the game Old School RuneScape (OSRS).In OSRS, crafting a stool is an activity within the Construction skill. You can create a stool by following these steps:

  1. Obtain Logs: First, you need to acquire logs suitable for crafting a stool. You can obtain logs by using an axe on trees found in the game world. Different types of trees yield different kinds of logs.
  2. Craft Stool Base: Use your logs to craft the base of the stool at a Construction skill workbench. You can find Construction skill workbenches in most towns, such as Varrock, Falador, and others.
  3. Craft Stool Backrest: Attach the backrest to the stool base. This requires a certain Construction skill level, the specific level depending on the type of stool you wish to craft.
  4. Complete the Stool: Once you attach the backrest to the base, you have successfully crafted a stool!

It’s worth noting that crafting different types of stools might require varying Construction skill levels and types of logs. You can unlock more varieties of stool crafting by leveling up your Construction skill in the game.

Plank Make OSRS

The spell Make Plank requires 86 Magic. It turns a tree trunk, which can normally be turned into a plank at the sawmill, into a plank of the same type. There is still a cost per plank – it costs 70% of the coins the sawmill operator would charge. However, this saving is cancelled out by the rune cost of the spell. Therefore, people do not use Plank Make to make money, but rather to train their magic. Plank making is a good way to train magic, and is a faster way to gain experience than high-level alchemy. However, the need to stay in a bank area may make High Level Alchemy more attractive to players who want to train other skills as well as Magic. Plank Make can be cast once every 3 game turns (about 1.8 seconds). Including bank time, up to 1850 Plank Makes can be cast per hour, giving up to 166k Magic experience per hour. Note: This number of casts per hour can be reduced by lag, errors (such as clicking on planks already cast), or distractions.

LogPlankCost in coins
Spell MakeSawmill
Oak logsOak plank175250
Teak logsTeak plank350500
Mahogany logsMahogany plank10501500

Plank Make

The Plank Make spell requires level 86 Magic and the completion of Dream Mentor. It will convert one log that can normally be converted at the sawmill into …Spellbook: LunarCasting speed: 3 ticks (6 on autocast)?

Casting plank make

The rune cost of Plank Make spell is 192 coins when using a staff to replace earth runes. Logs, Price, Plank, Price, Sawmill fee, Profit/Log.

Mahogany Plank Make Autocast – Magic

Script will autocast Make Plank (slower than active casting) then … less than this: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/ …

What’s the best way to make planks? : r/ironscape

What’s the best way to make planks? … Get a servant or just run back and forth in woodcutting guild? … Another option is to go to pvp world and … : If you can afk at work I’d suggest plank make, I made 30k planks last week

If you can afk at work I’d suggest plank make, I made 30k planks last week and got 88-94 mage lol but otherwise you can note your logs and put house in rimmington, give butler logs to bring to sawmill then leave house and go to general store which has a guy named phials who unnotes stuff gp then run back to house and repeat steps. Another option is to go to pvp world and have cammy/house teles, you would tele to cammy to take logs out then tele to house to give to butler and repeat but if doing this make sure to lock house portal to visitors.

Pretty late on this, but maybe it could be a cool suggestion for anyone who sees this… But the new ring from Guardians of the Rift can teleport you to the earth altar, and you could take the hot air balloon back to the crafting guild or castle wars to do it again. Might be other stuff you could add onto that too idk

Nobody ever recommends it, because its not efficient, but I really like teleporting to castle wars to bank, then taking the balloon to the Varrock lumber yard, then tele again; the balloons take 1 willow log per trip and you can store 100 of them at a time with the balloon so you don’t have to grab one each time.Its slower than using a butler but its cheaper (since no butler fees), and its faster than doing plank make.

Lunars Calculator for OSRS – Plank Make

Lunars Calculator for OSRS! Calculate GP/ph, XP/ph and Profits when casting Tan Leather and Make Plank at your own pace.

OSRS: Plank Make

One of the spells you can use in the game is Plank Make, although it requires that you are level 86 in Magic and that you complete Dream Mentor.

Koreaclothrs |NC 韓國代購貨源|東大門批發教學 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心

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  2. 確定產品類別: 在韓國東大門,你會找到各種各樣的商品,包括時尚服飾、鞋子、配飾等。根據你的目標市場和客戶需求,確定你希望進口/批發的具體產品類別。
  3. 尋找可靠的供應商: 在韓國東大門,有眾多的供應商和攤位。尋找信譽良好、產品質量優良的供應商是關鍵。可以考慮進行多輪的供應商評估,並在選擇之前實際參觀攤位,評估產品的質量和價格。
  4. 建立關係: 在韓國文化中,建立良好的關係是重要的。努力與供應商建立密切的合作關係,這有助於獲得更好的價格、更優先的交貨和更好的支援。
  5. 了解價格和交易條件: 與供應商討論價格、最小訂購量、付款條件、交貨時間等細節。確保你對交易條件有充分的理解,並在開始合作之前達成共識。
  6. 產品質量檢查: 在進口/批發商品之前,確保對產品進行質量檢查。這可以通過訪問供應商的工廠或店面,或者通過委托第三方檢驗機構進行。
  7. 運輸和物流: 考慮運輸和物流安排。選擇合適的運輸方式,確保商品能夠按時送達,同時注意關稅和進口法規。
  8. 市場銷售策略: 在進口/批發商品後,制定市場銷售策略。這可能包括在網上建立網店、參加展會、與零售商合作等。
  9. 經濟和法律考慮: 理解相關的貿易政策、法律法規和稅收事項。這些可能會對你的進口業務產生影響,所以確保你合法合規。
  10. 專業支援: 如果需要,考慮尋求專業支援,如律師、貿易顧問或翻譯人員。他們可以幫助你處理法律和語言障礙。


Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心

Koreaclothrs (以下簡稱為「我們」或「KC」) 是一家提供國際時裝聯繫資料的服務提供者。我們的網站透過互聯網(包括透過使用應用程式或軟件)提供一個便利的購買模式, …

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Koreaclothrs New project 我們將不定期為韓國官網款式標記檔口編號助您找到合心意的檔口❤️ HG672 韓國東大門貨源網站正在更新檔口最新 … 1. 過往東大門批發的方法 使用批發網/在大型本地服裝店批貨/親身到韓國。 · 2.Koreaclothrs角色: 我們角色類似中介,擁有超過>500間東大門檔口


韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心-109976704110786/posts… Koreaclothrs (以下簡稱為「我們」或「KC」) 是一家提供國際時裝聯繫資料的服務 …


Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心- Posts | Facebook · https://www.facebook.com/Koreaclothrs-韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心-109976704110786/posts

NC 韓國貨源|東大門批發教學 :: 全台第三方支付網

Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心| 全台第三方支付網. Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心. 348 likes · 1 talking about this. 韓國東大門批發店鋪貨源.

韓國貨源 在 韓國批市的貨源? – 網路購物板 | Dcard 的評價 自從會用淘寶之後,我就完全沒在台拍上買過了,但最近因為開始使用IG,發現好多韓國代購在IG分享批貨生活跟賣衣服,而且很多人很執著於韓製商品, … … <看更多>

韓國貨源 在 Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心- Posts 的評價 Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心. 363 likes · 5 talking about this. 韓國東大門批發店鋪貨源. … Koreaclothrs 韓國東大門貨源聯絡中心| 健康跟著走. 韓國東大門批發店鋪貨源. onlineheungkung.com 網上創業只需$29日~韓國直送貨品網上商店零成本入貨收貨及出貨服務 …

韓國貨源 在 韓國批發代理的推薦與評價,PTT、DCARD – 居家家具 的評價 全韓國貨源供應鏈‍♀️真正一手批發✨香港姐姐親力親為嚴選最新韓國貨✨ ☺️只售正品正貨,合法貨源◽️ 本公司為多間韓國著名品牌授權代理商. … <看更多>

韓國貨源 在 [問題] 韓貨貨源? – 看板e-shopping – 批踢踢實業坊 的評價 girlsholic: 貨源應該都是一樣,但台灣賣家賣韓貨 01/22 15:18 … windesign88: 寶找韓貨買惹還想開始研究韓國檔 01/22 … … <看更多>

韓國貨源 在 [問題] 韓貨貨源? – e-shopping | PTT消費區 的評價

→girlsholic: 貨源應該都是一樣,但台灣賣家賣韓貨 01/22 …

→windesign88: 寶找韓貨買惹還想開始研究韓國檔 … …

截圖那天沒截到價格,日幣是賣6120 台幣賣的價格快跟日幣差不多了…… (乾笑 超怕變盤子 買完才逛到又不能退 只能回家槌枕頭 大家買韓貨都怎麼挑店家呢?

淘寶買韓貨 01/22 15:03 推 girlsholic: 抱歉要潑一下原po冷水,你那連結裡 01/22 15:16

→ girlsholic: 面的也不是日牌啊 囧 不是寫日文的就 01/22 15:16

→ girlsholic: 一定是日本品牌…那網站裡面賣的都是 01/22 15:16

→ girlsholic: 韓貨。 01/22 15:16

→ girlsholic: 貨源應該都是一樣,但台灣賣家賣韓貨 01/22 15:18

→ girlsholic: 最愛把價格灌水灌很大 01/22 15:18 推 xinni: 我也在ZOZOTOWN 看過和台灣韓貨賣家一樣的223.136.240.114 01/22 16:44

→ xinni: 圖 而且還賣很貴 那些都不是日牌 只是日本223.136.240.114 01/22 16:44

→ xinni: 網站也有賣而已 沒看過的牌子要做一下功課223.136.240.114 01/22 16:44

→ xinni: 而且我覺得韓貨跟日貨拍照風格差很多 看久223.136.240.114 01/22 16:44

→ xinni: 大概都能猜中223.136.240.114 01/22 16:44

→ msylvie: 也是有日本人會去東大門批貨呀 01/22 17:00 推 justinehenin: 通通是淘寶 只是包裝成日貨跟韓貨 01/22 19:20 推 windesign88: 樓上認真嗎QQ 01/22 20:08

→ windesign88: 自從前天的閒聊文…我也打算開始淘 01/22 20:11

→ windesign88: 寶找韓貨買惹 還想開始研究韓國檔 01/22 20:11

→ windesign88: 口之類,以前都不比價亂買 QQ 得到 01/22 20:11

→ windesign88: 教訓了 01/22 20:11

→ justinehenin: 我是拿原po那日網的商品一個一個在 01/22 21:19

→ justinehenin: 淘寶以圖搜圖…在淘寶都有數不清 01/22 21:19

→ justinehenin: 的相同商品跟相同圖啊… 01/22 21:19 推 windesign88: 我還沒有淘寶買過大衣類的 不知道跟 01/23 13:17

→ windesign88: “韓貨”大衣品質的差異 01/23 13:17

→ pinknote: 在淘寶買過一件,相似度高到有點驚人 01/23 21:16 推 deathheaven: 在淘寶請賣家代購的話150.117.243.136 01/24 00:31

→ deathheaven: 跟Dobe的賣價一件大約差兩三百150.117.243.136 01/24 00:32

→ deathheaven: 那些有找部落客業配的可以差到五六百150.117.243.136 01/24 00:33

→ k2216ss: 淘寶買韓貨,我會看有淘寶直播的,比較 01/24 17:15

→ k2216ss: 有名的就是吳小姐。檔口就會看apm那棟裡 01/24 17:15

→ k2216ss: 面的 01/24 17:15

→ cnblue051733: 淘寶直播店家唯一會一直回購的只有180.217.143.209 01/24 23:26 → cnblue051733: 吳小姐,挑貨眼光都不錯,基本上很180.217.143.209 01/24 23:26

→ cnblue051733: 少踩雷,但也是剛好風格喜歡,從她180.217.143.209 01/24 23:26

→ cnblue051733: 小賣家時就跟到現在,真心推薦~ 01/24 23:26 推 abluelos: 跟日網價格一樣正常,批發價都遠低於這 01/25 13:51

→ abluelos: 數值。

Daily Earning 被動收入每日獲利收益(Day4)

Success! You’ve just completed Survey 80066939 and earned $0.58.

問卷編號 : 80066939

今天的問卷(關於漫畫/電影人物的喜好) , 收益 $ 0.58 美元



Neobux 填問卷賺錢 , 是僅次於ySense 填問卷賺錢好賺的平台,除了填問卷外還能每天點擊廣告/玩遊戲/作任務賺錢




2.同樣的問卷每年都會出現至少3次以上 ,由於長度有點長,需花得時間較長,所以要滿額的時間會拖較長,耐心作答搭配答題秘訣就是快速答題,其實只需花大概8分鐘就可以完成賺錢

3.充分利用 ChatGpt 回答題目中的提問(因為規定至少需要36字以上),複製問題,貼上chatgpt 產生答覆